Well – now the cat is among the pigeons around Blue Orbit.

Our new website is being tweaked (*take a peek, oh critical friend) – http://www.blueorbit.com.

It is also a time of “let’s try all kinds of phones”, here at the offices in Gastown.

The ace on our staff, Chelsea, has a BlackBerry – Two of us have Iphone 4’s – and now we have Jared has an Android and this is a new BlackBerry Bold.

Ok, I will be honest – I have become an ardent Apple freak. (*Chelsea is sick of my ranting, but she is polite and turns ip the earbuds on “Hey, Soul Sister” – while I rave about the Iphone.)

Then I picked up this new Blackberry.

OK> A couple of things – if you SUCK as a typist, like old hunt and peck here, they have a touch screen and a mini’ish Blackberry qwerty board.


Connectivity to 3G = fine + even got bars in parking lots.

Wi-fi – as slow as a Politician on Glue.

The design and slip up screen = OK, Camera – #Fail – think the 3.0 whatever megapixel is a downggrade from the killer Iphone.

The size, with sliding screen > Cool. Like it. Mini USP connection.

App store – #Fail.

Has less apps than I have brain cells.

All in all – in the Blue Orbit “Does this phone SUCK or Rock” Category – this Blackberry gets a 4.2 out of a possible 6.

We use six – because 5 and 10 are boring and over used.

Sort of like Kirstie Alley’s shtick.

TOm “The Phantom” Phone Phreak.