The culture of “cool” seems alive and well.

Now it’s “what kind of phone do YOU have ? , for a lot of people.

Sorry – but, I find it ridiculous that people walk, and TEXT, and walk across streets here in Vancouver. (*More dangerous than the Indy 500 – trust me – #Bangkok is low key compared to Vancouver).

The magic of technology can take over your LIFE, my dear besotted blog dawg > Oh yeah, we know you are here.

I had to be slapped in a safe room to stay away from Twitter.

Chelsea, our Social Media ace ( lucky us) told me basically > #fail on Twitter.

There are pitfalls.

You can get bogged down.

This is not like, roll it out and sit back > it is an all out assault.

Oh, and did I mention that “working at home” sounds glamourous – 24/7 > it is amazing.

The coffee bills are getting higher.

OK > one more time > Have a plan with social media.

Stick to plan.

Did I mention, you need a plan>?

Ask, Chelsea, she’ll tell you.