The Ever evolving, and morally confusing, Twitter.

Today, the crew was talking where we are, and where we are going, at Blue Orbit.

I brought up Twitter.

More and more bots and some of the foulest, misogyny on the planet, extant.

IF you are going to use Twitter = a few rules.

One > never allow people to follow your follow > or you will lose control of what is being tweeted on your ‘channel”. Believe me, I have seen some stuff on our channel and just freaked.

Two > Never ever, ever try and jump anyone, or mass unfollow or follow > if your “algorithim” is off balance, Twitter will put you in “jail”.

You won’t be able to post anything.

Three > Have ONE person carrying the line and use a back end mgr > like sproutsocial.

Four > Once you start, it is hard to stop. It’s a hungry lion and always wants to be fed.

Five > BOTS > invariably people use these strange sites where they post a few letters or numbers each day. They have hundreds, even thousands of followers. I wonder why > but I BLOCK them, and flag them.

Six > Have fun.