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    Geolary Shows How Your Salary Lives Up to Your Neighbours’ 

    We’ve all heard the saying “Keeping up with the Jones’”. Well, now with a new iPhone app called Geolary, you can see if you’re even financially able to compete with your neighbours in the race to flaunt the latest and greatest.

    This new app, Geolary, gives you a pretty sound idea of where your income level compares to others in your neighbourhood – or in other locations you might be consider moving to. Wait… what??, you ask? How is that possible? Well, the app asks you for your own salary and then compares it based on location to other salary data, letting you know where you stand in comparison. So you can soon find out why your neighbour just drove home in a shiny, new Mercedes while you’re buffing out scratches on your Corolla.

    Geloary requires location data to work, and will localize your income based on your country’s currency, automatically. Once you’ve picked a location to search, the app tells you the lowest and average salary in the area. It also delivers the gap between your salary and the salaries of others.

    The app is useful if you’re in the job market and want to know what you’d need to earn to maintain your income at a level that the rest of those in the area you are searching are at. Nothing like a little bargaining power.

    via: The Next Web


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    iPhone set to become most popular camera on Flickr 

    Ready the point-and-shoot obituary because the iPhone 4’s slaughter spree of the camera market continues with news that the Apple gadget will soon nab the top spot for most popular picture-snapping device on Flickr.

    The popularity of point-and-shoots amongst Flickr users has dropped off significantly in recent years with most photogs opting for more simple with camera phones or upgrading to more complex with DSLRs. The Nikon D90 currently holds the top spot (at least for the time being), demonstrating the trend away from point-and-shoots.

    This won’t be the first time an Apple gadget claims the title on Flickr—in August 2009, the iPhone (all models) trumped the Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi.

    reposted via: Alltop.com


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    Android Winning as Mr. Popularity 

    Nokia is suffering a huge plummet in market share across the globe, and RIM has seen a devastating fall in its US sales – while the Android mobile operating system is climbing the charts past competitors in almost every developed country to become the primary player.

    New figures provided by Kantar WorldPanel Comtech shows that Nokia, RIM, Apple and Microsoft’s Windows Phone are all being eclipsed by sales of Mr. Popular: Android.

    Nokia’s market share for smartphones dropped from 10% to just over 1% in the US over the past six months, and the numbers reflect similarly in every country over a 12-month or 6-month period.

    RIM is also taking a beating, which Kantar says has fallen drastically in the number of sales in the US – the world’s biggest smartphone market. Its US share has fallen from 32.5% in June 2010 to just 10.6% in March 2011.

    Kantar notes that Apple’s introduction of its iPhone to the Verizon network in the US provided an uplift to sales – so that it did see increased market share there. But in other countries such as the UK, Germany, France and Japan, the iPhone saw a double-digit dive in market share – which could mean that even if Apple is selling more phones, it is not developing numbers as rapidly as the market is expanding.

    The launch of Microsoft’s Windows Phone has barely made a dent in the playing field, with the company’s share of the market falling in every country.

    “The key underlying trend is that Android is growing in every country,” said Dominic Sunnebo, consumer insight director for Kantar. “The lesson of Android is that if you release enough handsets, they are going to sell”.

    via: guardian.co.uk


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    iPhone 5 to start production in September? 

    If you were hoping to get your hands on a shiny, new iPhone 5 this summer to show off to all your friends, you may have to wait a bit longer than anticipated.

    BusinessInsider relays an analyst report from Avian Securities which claims that the iPhone 5 won’t start production until September and that this suggests that next generation iPhone won’t make it to the market until the end of the year or even early next.

    The information from Avian is consistent with previous claims that no new iPhone hardware would be coming in June as well as claims that due to part production timelines, the iPhone 5 won’t be shipping until Fiscal 2012 (after September 2011).

    So, if you’re adamant about holding off for the iPhone 5, it’s probably not a good idea to toss your current mobile phone just yet – and try to keep it in tip-top shape until then, because Fall is a ways away.

    via MacRumors.com

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    The War of the Apps and more. Pt 1. 

    The distinct feeling I have, is that we are looking at an era when we have a TON of really exciting Mobile tech starting to catch hold, but at the same time – maybe we have too many operating systems and standards, already.

    The Abdroid has taken up a huge Market share, and now Android and the Iphone platforms are getting stormed by Windows Phones, the new Pads from Samsung and soon, GASP, RIM.

    Where does this all end?


    Google Android

    Image by Scarygami via Flickr

    This confuses the poor end user and can rear back and bite people in this space.

    This is going to get really interesting, and fast.

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    IOS 4.2: Ten Features It Still Needs – PCWorld Business Center 


    Show Floor of Macworld 2007

    Image via Wikipedia


    Now that iOS 4.2 is out and we’ve lauded its best features, it’s time to take a look at its biggest omissions. (It’s only fair, right?) We took an informal survey of Macworld editors to determine the most-hoped-for features that still aren’t here, then whittled the list down to the top ten.

    via IOS 4.2: Ten Features It Still Needs – PCWorld Business Center.

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    This Changes Everything 

    While it is true that TAGs, like their cousins QR Codes, Datamatrix and a host of others, are two dimensional bar codes, what they really represent are connections between objects and the digital world. More importantly, TAGs are an opportunity and the foundation for a new tool – a tool that will be a significant milestone. 

    Since the origin of cuneiform in ancient Babylon, man has been both the progenitor and interpreter of written words. For more than 5,000 years, reading has been an economical advantage and the key to untold success. During much of this time, obtaining material to read proved as difficult as the art of reading itself. That is certainly no longer the case and while the ability to interpret written words remains advantageous, the ability to search and filter information is the new barrier to entry.

    via This Changes Everything.

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    Ben & Jerry’s Among Brands Testing Stickybits Barcodes 

    Ice cream chain Ben & Jerry’s has kicked off a promotion, giving away T-shirts to consumers who have downloaded the new version of the Stickybits mobile barcode scanning app.

    Stickybits is a free application that lets users scan barcodes with an iPhone or an Android phone. Each barcode has digital content associated with it, and some, have special deals and promos that are revealed once the barcode is scanned. Version 2 of the app launched this week.

    Ben & Jerry’s is one one of at least 10 advertisers that have created paid promotions using Stickybits’ platform, according to Clickz.com.

    via Ben & Jerry’s Among Brands Testing Stickybits Barcodes.

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    Efficient and Effective (and Free) Mobile Apps For Busy Folks – DigiFams 

    If you’re like me, you probably at one point have downloaded a lot of apps because they’re…well…FREE, but only to find out that they either just waste your time and not worthy of the space it occupied or it becomes one that only gets used when killing time. Well, after 2 years of carrying a smart phone I finally narrowed down my list of apps. I kept the ones I use frequently and are now my mainstay iPhone residents that I can’t do without. These are ones that keep me efficient and effective as I go about my daily routine.

    via Efficient and Effective (and Free) Mobile Apps For Busy Folks – DigiFams.

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    QR Codes Spreading to Big Time Companies – chicagotribune.com 

    A sampling of companies using QR codes:

    Best Buy. After May test with promotional link to “Super Mario Galaxy 2video game, codes being placed on all product tags.

    Delta Air Lines. Added the codes to its iPhone app to replace the paper boarding pass at check-in.

    The Gap. The code takes shoppers to a Web site with information about its jeans.

    via QR codes – chicagotribune.com.

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