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    Customer Service.

    You hear the phrase all the time.

    Lots of lip service > and not much else.

    Good example > Post Offices > Pharmacies and Food Stores.

    You woud think they would have an army of people happy to take your money.

    Nope. The Company thinks spending on trained staff is unacceptable, because it cuts into the bosses Yacht insurance payment.

    This kind of thinking will sink 8/10 companies working today.

    The people that care about their clients will always be in business and do alright.

    No lip service, please.

    Go above and beyond and never over promise.

    One over promise and under deliver and you are done.

    Do a great job and your client will be your best sales team!

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    Most Marketers Plan to Increase Social Media Spend This Year [STUDY] 

    An overwhelming number of marketers consider social media to be integral to their strategies this year, and 70% plan to increase their social media budget by more than 10% this year, according to a poll from Effie Worldwide and Mashable.

    The poll, given to a group of ad agency executives and marketers from firms such as Bank of America, Colgate-Palmolive and Mini USA, among others in February, also found that the primary social media goal is to increase Facebook “Likes.”

    Speaking on behalf of themselves and their clients, group members reported that social networking would take 11.9% of their overall budget this year compared with 13% for TV. That figure should be taken with a grain of salt, however, since $68.7 billion was spent on all TV advertising last year, compared with just $26 billion for Internet advertising, according to the Internet Advertising Bureau.

    Much of that spending will go toward trying to find new Facebook fans, which 35% of respondents said is their main goal in 2011. “Increase our presence on mobile” was number two on that list, coming in at 22%.

    Other findings:

    • Brands that were cited for “effectively getting their message across via social media” include Old Spice (chosen by 15%), Pepsi (8%), Starbucks (7%) and Ford (6%).
    • 50% of respondents said they use a mix of in-house and agency to handle social media outreach.
    • 80% said they were planning iPad-based advertising and/or an iPad-based app this year, while 20% said they were “not planning much” of either.
    • 87% said social media was “important” or “very important” to achieving their biggest marketing goal this year.

    Reposted via: Mashable.com


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    Android Winning as Mr. Popularity 

    Nokia is suffering a huge plummet in market share across the globe, and RIM has seen a devastating fall in its US sales – while the Android mobile operating system is climbing the charts past competitors in almost every developed country to become the primary player.

    New figures provided by Kantar WorldPanel Comtech shows that Nokia, RIM, Apple and Microsoft’s Windows Phone are all being eclipsed by sales of Mr. Popular: Android.

    Nokia’s market share for smartphones dropped from 10% to just over 1% in the US over the past six months, and the numbers reflect similarly in every country over a 12-month or 6-month period.

    RIM is also taking a beating, which Kantar says has fallen drastically in the number of sales in the US – the world’s biggest smartphone market. Its US share has fallen from 32.5% in June 2010 to just 10.6% in March 2011.

    Kantar notes that Apple’s introduction of its iPhone to the Verizon network in the US provided an uplift to sales – so that it did see increased market share there. But in other countries such as the UK, Germany, France and Japan, the iPhone saw a double-digit dive in market share – which could mean that even if Apple is selling more phones, it is not developing numbers as rapidly as the market is expanding.

    The launch of Microsoft’s Windows Phone has barely made a dent in the playing field, with the company’s share of the market falling in every country.

    “The key underlying trend is that Android is growing in every country,” said Dominic Sunnebo, consumer insight director for Kantar. “The lesson of Android is that if you release enough handsets, they are going to sell”.

    via: guardian.co.uk


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    1 in 5 Smartphones Will Have NFC by 2014 

    The pieces are falling into place for near field communications to take off over the next few years, according to a new forecast from Juniper Research, which estimated 1 in 5 smartphones will support the short distance wireless technology by 2014, with 300 million NFC-capable devices available by then. 

    Juniper said the increasing momentum behind NFC, with a stream of vendor and carriers announcements in recent months, is helping boost the prospects of NFC. North America will lead the way, according to Juniper, with half of all NFC smartphones by 2014. France in particular is off to a quick start, with 1 million NFC devices expected this year.

    But NFC ramp up will still faces challenges. With so many players involved, from merchants, operators, manufacturers and web giants like Google, service complexity will be an issue. The industry also needs to work out business models around NFC while ensuring strong security for consumers unfamiliar with the concept of a mobile wallet, said Howard Wilcox, the author of the report.

    Wilcox said the bigger revenue opportunity per user is not in NFC payments but through retail shopping opportunities such as coupons and smart posters that offer product information. That lines up with what we’ve been writing about lately, that NFC, while it’s framed as a payment story, offers much more in the way of targeted marketing. That will give merchants more reason to jump on board with NFC and if done well, with relevant coupons, discounts and offers, could help spur on adoption with consumers.

    It will still be a little slow this year with NFC, as hardware starts rolling out and carriers, banks and others work through final testing and small deployments. Merchants will need to also upgrade to NFC capable readers. But increasingly, it looks like the NFC boom is not a matter of if, but when at this point.

    Reposted via: gigaom.com


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    Ad agency uses QR codes to create smartphone buzz 

    ANCHORAGE, Alaska — A local ad agency is using the latest technology in social media to create some buzz for its clients — and so far, it’s working.

    Colleen Cronin at the Nerland Agency says its use in ads of QR, or quick-read, codes is getting people’s attention. The square mosaic patterns resemble a bar code, which a smartphone app can read and direct users to a website — in Nerland’s case, announcing a factory party to promote the Anchorage Museum’s Andy Warhol exhibit.

    “It’s also useful because scanning the bar code gives you an entire website, whereas in a print medium you are very limited by space,” Cronin said. “So when thre is space limitations like that, you can put endless amounts of information on the QR code and people have direct access to it.”

    QR codes can also be used to link people to phone numbers and video clips.

    via Ad agency uses QR codes to create smartphone buzz – ktuu.com.

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    Pottery Barn Catalog featuring a QR Code 

    While out shopping this weekend I (Michelle Jollymore) picked up a Pottery Barn Magazine that featured a QR Code inside of the magazine. First of all, I was excited to see that there was a QR Code in the magazine but also that the QR Code featured an image in the middle of it. (Being one of the designers here at interlinkONE those kinds of things are exciting to me!)  When the QR Code is scanned you are brought to a youtube video of the history and construction of one of their beautiful leather chairs. Click here to see that video.

    Below is a picture of the ad that featured the QR Code.

    Pottery Barn

    via Pottery Barn Catalog featuring a QR Code « QReate and Track (by interlinkONE, Inc.).

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    QR Codes: A Dialogue Between Physical and Virtual Worlds | Ruff Haus Design Blog 

    What is a QR Code? It’s a two dimensional bar code that can store different kinds of information, such as your phone number, website address, or a specific URL. It looks like a jumbled up checkerboard-like pattern of shapes arranged in a square. QR stands for Quick Response. The code can be printed on pretty much anything, just like the standard barcodes we are used to seeing on products. QR Codes function as a physical hyperlink – a direct connection between the physical world and the virtual world (aka: internet). In a nutshell QR codes are uber-cool!



    Image via Wikipedia


    Often referred to as Mobile tagging, which is simply the process of providing data on a mobile device, commonly through the use of data or URL encoded in a two-dimensional barcode (QR Code), meant to be read and inputted using a camera phone. The QR Code is “scanned” using your mobile phone and free QR code software, which then decodes the image and directs you to the encoded content on the Web or adds the contact information to your address book. This means that customers can respond to your marketing campaign instantly!

    via QR Codes: A Dialogue Between Physical and Virtual Worlds | Ruff Haus Design Blog.

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    QR Codes on CBC-TV 

    Your cellphone can scan the sophisticated codes and link you to product information, but in Japan, QRs are a way of life –

    Click and Enjoy

    CBC Explores QR Code

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    The QR Code with a Voice 

    The advanced QR Consortium in Japan have launched their VoiceQR website. VoiceQR is a way of encrypting a small amount of voice or music into a QR Code. Sound is in AMR format, a compressed audio format developed by Ericsson and used by many mobile phones for voice recordings such as MMS messages. Currently limited to two seconds of audio and available on only seven mobile handsets it will be interesting to see how consumers react to the new technology.

    via The QR Code with a Voice.

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    Heineken: Advancing a Brand While Remaining Authentic – MarketShare – Advertising marketing & media – Forbes 

    Heineken: Advancing a Brand While Remaining Authentic

    Oct. 19 2010 – 1:55 pm | 702 views | 0 recommendations | 0 comments

    posted by BRANDON GUTMAN

    Image via Wikipedia

    In this Brand Innovator Spotlight, Filip Wouters, VP-marketing for Heineken USA, proves how marketers can innovate century old products while retaining brand essence.

    Brandon Gutman: How are you advancing the Heineken brand?

    Filip Wouters: Consumers today have the largest selection of beers we’ve ever seen; they are looking to try new tastes and experiences. While our product has not changed since first brewed 146 years ago, we constantly innovate and add value to the Heineken experience.  We see several ways to position Heineken as a modern, upscale European Lager.

    The growing segment of millennials behaves very differently than previous generations.  They watch a lot of television, but are more engaged digitally.  They grew up not knowing a world without the Internet.  We must communicate in a relevant and meaningful way to them.

    In addition to new ways of communicating, we’re looking at packaging innovation.  In the last few years, we launched Heineken Light, a premium light beer with personal style and substance.  Our introduction of the Heineken DraughtKeg and BeerTender provide authentic draught experiences in venues outside the traditional bar.


    via Heineken: Advancing a Brand While Remaining Authentic – MarketShare – Advertising marketing & media – Forbes.


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