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    App Wrap: What QR codes can share with mobile devices – News 8 

    Ads, billboards, product packaging and even business cards now include squares with pixelated black-and-white patterns called “Quick Response codes,” or QR codes.

    The codes are like barcodes found on any product, but instead of holding price information for the cashier to scan, they are designed to be scanned by mobile phones to unlock information about the product.

    Most mobile phones with built-in cameras can read QR codes, and any mobile app store has free applications for reading codes.

    Once an app is launched, the user can point the phone’s camera at the QR code and read information automatically. The device directs the user to an online location, like a product’s website. A code on a business card might lead to more detailed contact information for the person.

    via App Wrap: What QR codes can share with mobile devices – News 8.

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    One of the main Trends our team is watching – the MS TAG vs. QR = is this another Betamax versus VHS?
    Worth keeping our beady eye on this one.

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    This Changes Everything 

    While it is true that TAGs, like their cousins QR Codes, Datamatrix and a host of others, are two dimensional bar codes, what they really represent are connections between objects and the digital world. More importantly, TAGs are an opportunity and the foundation for a new tool – a tool that will be a significant milestone. 

    Since the origin of cuneiform in ancient Babylon, man has been both the progenitor and interpreter of written words. For more than 5,000 years, reading has been an economical advantage and the key to untold success. During much of this time, obtaining material to read proved as difficult as the art of reading itself. That is certainly no longer the case and while the ability to interpret written words remains advantageous, the ability to search and filter information is the new barrier to entry.

    via This Changes Everything.

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    QRs are becoming the next IT thing code mode – Winnipeg Free Press 

    THEY look like barcodes on steroids — cryptic two-dimensional configurations of geometric shapes marketing officials say will change the way companies peddle their wares and consumers live their lives.

    They’re called QR codes — the QR stands for “quick response” — and they essentially provide smartphone users with an instant bridge between the physical world and the web world.

    The codes have already started to show up in Win nipeg in a few newspaper ads for things like the new Chevrolet Cruze and Sheps hair transplants.

    via QRs are becoming the next IT thing code mode – Winnipeg Free Press.

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    Rocky Mountain Vacation Rentals Uses Innovative Tactics to Promote Business with QR Codes 

    Rocky Mountain Vacation Rentals (RMVR) is using the innovative marketing tool – QR codes – to draw attention to site listings that the company offers via a mobile phone. Created by the corporation Denso-Wave, a sub division of Toyota, this two-dimensional barcode holds more information than a traditional barcode, allowing for more efficient inventory control, and it directly connects consumers to information about a product or service.

    “We are always looking for cutting edge and innovative ways to market our product,” said Tommy Z. Hoffman, owner and founder of Rocky Mountain Vacation Rentals. QR codes are appearing on posters, vehicles, flyers, banners, signs, and business cards. So far, RMVR has placed QR codes on Google Business listings and advertisements in print articles, such as Ski Magazine. The company plans to continue to integrate QR codes into various aspects of their business as this digital phenomenon continues to gain traction.

    via Rocky Mountain Vacation Rentals Uses Innovative Tactics to Promote Business with QR Codes.

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    Ben & Jerry’s Among Brands Testing Stickybits Barcodes 

    Ice cream chain Ben & Jerry’s has kicked off a promotion, giving away T-shirts to consumers who have downloaded the new version of the Stickybits mobile barcode scanning app.

    Stickybits is a free application that lets users scan barcodes with an iPhone or an Android phone. Each barcode has digital content associated with it, and some, have special deals and promos that are revealed once the barcode is scanned. Version 2 of the app launched this week.

    Ben & Jerry’s is one one of at least 10 advertisers that have created paid promotions using Stickybits’ platform, according to Clickz.com.

    via Ben & Jerry’s Among Brands Testing Stickybits Barcodes.

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    Lawrence McDonald QR Code Art – Elliott Louis Gallery North 


    Lawrence McDonald photography:  Augmented Reality:  an interactive
    exhibition delivered through the digital technology of QR Codes

    Photography is the process, activity and art of creating still or moving
    pictures by recording radiation on a radiation-sensitive medium, such as a
    photographic film, or an electronic sensor.

    The result on film or plate is a latent image, subsequently developed into a
    visual image (negative or diapositive). An image on paper base is known as a

    For decades upon decades, In film photography the viewer has to go through a
    mechanical process, a series of technical and chemical steps to ultimately
    see the image.

    In this exhibition I am creating a new experience of the photographic
    journey to the image, through an exciting new process, augmented reality,
    the QR Code.

    The 6  photographic works I produced for this exhibition are presented
    entirely as  QR encoded pieces.

    These QR Codes bear a strong resemblance to geometric abstract paintings,
    and in particular, reminds one of Op-Art of the sixties whose purpose was to
    play with the optical senses and create a state of altered reality. The
    image was constructed in such a way that it gave the illusion of movement,
    depth and image manipulation in a single optical dimension.

    Coded messages are an integral part of our contemporary visual culture
    today, across all platforms, and embedded in all forms of mass media, on
    line, digital entertainment delivered to mobile screens and traditional
    broadcast, marketing advertising, music, and the arts .

    QR Code is a fifteen-year old technology originating in Japan where it was
    created by Toyota subsidiary Denso-Wave in 1994, the QR code is one of the
    most popular types of two-dimensional barcodes.  QR is the acronym for Quick
    Response, as the creator intended the code to allow its contents to be
    decoded at high speed.[1]
    Although initially used for tracking parts in vehicle manufacturing, QR
    Codes are now used in a much broader context, including both commercial
    tracking applications and convenience-oriented applications aimed at mobile
    phone users (known as mobile tagging).


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    Giving a Hoot about ads – The Globe and Mail 

    One recent study found that 70 per cent of tweets contained a brand reference. And advertisers are finding more ways to work themselves into streams. This week, Svedka vodka introduced a campaign that asks people to scan a QR code (that alien-bug-looking black-and-white square popping up in more ads) with their smart phones and send it to @SvedkaCanada, which will result in a tweet in their stream containing a link to the vodka’s new ad. Now if only someone could tweet us and explain what exactly robots have to do with vodka.

    via Giving a Hoot about ads – The Globe and Mail.

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    The Signs of Business» 10 Practical Ways To Use QR Codes and Microsoft Tags On Signage 

    For the purpose of this article, I’m going to use the phrase ‘QR Codes’ to encompass all mobile tag readers. Technically speaking, QR Codes (see image at right) are a black and white ‘Box Code’ (think: Bar Code but with boxes instead of bars). QR Codes were created by Toyota and have been popular in Japan for centuries (well, since 1994, but that’s practically centuries in techy years).

    QR is the acronym of Quick Response.

    Check out the Wiki article on QR Codes for more geek history.

    QR Code Ring detail

    Image by Fluid Forms via Flickr


    On the consumer side of things here are my top five practical ways to use QR Codes on signs:

    via The Signs of Business» 10 Practical Ways To Use QR Codes and Microsoft Tags On Signage.


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    Using the QR Code: It’s high-tech marketing – MonroeNews.com 

    A cryptic symbol is popping up in the Monroe area as a high-tech signpost to area tourist attractions.

    The Monroe County Convention & Visitor Bureau has begun using a QR Code on posters and flyers that direct smartphones to the tourism-related information.

    QR stands for “Quick Response” and consists of a unique two-dimensional configuration of geometric shapes that functions much like a bar code. But it’s specifically geared to refer smartphone users to a Web site when the phone’s built-in camera scans the symbol.

    “If have the proper application, you can point your phone at this and it will bring up a Web site. It also can count the number of times that it is scanned by someone with a smart phone.”

    “Essentially what this does is take you to a URL on the Internet,” he said.

    “I’m making posters out of this and I’m putting it up all around town,” he added.

    via Using the QR Code: It’s high-tech marketing – MonroeNews.com.

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