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    The culture of “cool” seems alive and well.

    Now it’s “what kind of phone do YOU have ? , for a lot of people.

    Sorry – but, I find it ridiculous that people walk, and TEXT, and walk across streets here in Vancouver. (*More dangerous than the Indy 500 – trust me – #Bangkok is low key compared to Vancouver).

    The magic of technology can take over your LIFE, my dear besotted blog dawg > Oh yeah, we know you are here.

    I had to be slapped in a safe room to stay away from Twitter.

    Chelsea, our Social Media ace ( lucky us) told me basically > #fail on Twitter.

    There are pitfalls.

    You can get bogged down.

    This is not like, roll it out and sit back > it is an all out assault.

    Oh, and did I mention that “working at home” sounds glamourous – 24/7 > it is amazing.

    The coffee bills are getting higher.

    OK > one more time > Have a plan with social media.

    Stick to plan.

    Did I mention, you need a plan>?

    Ask, Chelsea, she’ll tell you.

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    Majority Of Brands Do Not Have Facebook Or Twitter Accounts In Top Search Results On Google 

    By now we all know that having a Facebook or Twitter page is imperative to many brands in the fight to remain relevant in today’s online world. So why is it that the majority of brands are doing little to optimize their Twitter or Facebook pages in search results? SEO firm BrightEdge is releasing a new study today that shows this information, and how brands aren’t actively working to make their Facebook and Twitter pages discoverable.

    Reviewing the social media presence of the top 200 brands globally, BrightEdge found that almost 100% hold the top or near top rank in search results for the brand name’s website. But for the same brand searches, it was found that 70% of these brands did not have Facebook or Twitter pages in the top 20 results.

    How can you boost search results for your social media page? Albert Grouyet, VP of Product Marketing for BrightEdge, says that “Sometimes it comes down to subtitles and descriptions on the social media pages”. For example, if you take a look at a discoverable company’s Facebook page, the subtitle may be ‘Retail and Consumer Merchandise.’ On the other hand, an undiscoverable company’s Facebook page may have the subtitle of ‘local business’, which Grouyet says isn’t SEO friendly for the brand.

    Of the top 200 brands listed in the Fortune 500, BrightEdge found approximately 68% had Twitter accounts that were not in the top 20 Google results; about 71% had Facebook pages that did not appear in the top 20 results of a search for the specific brand name. Additionally, BrightEdge did not always find a link between the number of friends or followers and the placing in search rank. Meaning, a leading brand with hundreds of thousands of followers or likes doesn’t mean it will rank in the top 20 search results. And conversely, a brand with only a few thousand followers or likes may have a page that ranks in the top 10 of search results.

    We know consumers are beginning look to brands’ Facebook and Twitter pages for news, coupons, customer service and more, so it’s important for these companies to take the steps to make sure these pages are discoverable.

    via: TechCrunch.com


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    Status Update: @twitterglobalpr ‘We’re now at 155 million Tweets per day!’ 

    Wondering what’s going on with the state of Twitter today? Well, hold your horses, because Twitter’s PR team just released some pretty hefty Tweets highlighting a few first quarter stats on the social media company’s rapid growth. Of them, the biggest is that Twitter saw a 41% increase in tweets per day (and a 38% increase in the U.S.) for the quarter.

    Mobile growth on Twitter was also significant. There was a 50% increase in monthly, unique mobile signups, as well a 52% overall increase in regular, monthly Twitter account signups from December to March.

    But the biggest single number is live and growing. Twitter is now seeing 155 million tweets a day – up from just 55 million at this time a year ago, says the Twitter PR team. It’s also up from 140 million just a few weeks ago.

    So now you know. Twitter’s status is skyrocketing.

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    In Social Media, Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail 

    I’ve received many inbound requests for comments based on a report from Gartner, an IT analyst firm, that estimates as many as 70-percent of social media campaigns will fail in 2011. There are a series of discussions hitting the blogosphere and the Twitterverse exploring this very topic, some elementary and others on the right path. I contacted Gartner earlier this week and the problem is, that this data isn’t new at all. In fact, these discussions are fueled by information originally published in 2008 and in early 2010. Yet another example of the importance of fact-checking in the era of real-time reporting, yes, but, when I paused for a moment, I appreciated the timelessness of this discussion.

    Are many of the social media programs in play yielding tangible results?


    Are they designed to impact the bottom line or are they tied to meaningful business outcomes?


    The truth is that you can’t fail in anything if success is never defined.

    via In Social Media, Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail.

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    Improve Your Influence – *From Alltop.com 

    The term “influence” doesn’t mean a lot, and yet, it seems to be the holy grail for online social media people. Marketers coming to the fold worry quite a deal about reaching the influencers. The dogma, such as it is, says that anybody can be an influencer. Only, you and I know that we all feel like a nobody sometimes, and that we’re not all influential about the same things.

    For instance, I trusted Mark Horvath to share good advice on the cameras he uses for his projects, and that’s why I bought my Canon Vixia HF S200: because Mark said It was a good one. Mark was/is much more influential to my choice than someone with 200,000 followers on Twitter (or similar). He certainly has more influence to me than most ads, because I know Mark’s a real guy that I know and have met.

    via Improve Your Influence.

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    Sports and Social Media: Why the Best Is Yet to Come 

    Jim DeLorenzo is vice president of Octagon Digital, the standalone digital unit of the world’s largest sports marketing firm, Octagon, Inc., which represents more than 800 athletes worldwide and advises startups focused on the sports industry. He is also the founder of Twackle.com, a Twitter-based news aggregation service focused on the sports vertical.

    One of the truly great aspects of sports fandom is that it is inherently social. It’s just no fun cheering by yourself. Fans want to be around other like-minded fans, regardless of whether that occurs at the actual sporting event, at the local sports bar, or during viewing parties held at our homes in front of a TV.

    You would think that there would be no shortage of compelling, cutting-edge startups focused on the sports vertical. Unfortunately, you would be wrong. Certainly there are some companies with the right combination of a compelling user experience and robust technology platform, but the unfortunate truth is that the sports startup space is littered with retread concepts that have little chance of succeeding.

    Read on for why that is the case, how it might change, and some great examples of websites that are doing it right.

    via Sports and Social Media: Why the Best Is Yet to Come.

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    FoxNews.com – Hackers Target WikiLeaks ‘Enemies’: Mastercard, Twitter, Paypal… 

    In an unprecedented assault described variously as civil disobedience or criminal hacking, supporters of WikiLeaks struck out Wednesday at perceived enemies of the site and its jailed founder Julian Assange, launching hack attacks against MasterCard, Swedish prosecutors, and others — and promising future attacks against Twitter, PayPal and even FoxNews.com.

    The “hacktivists,” operating under the label Operation: Payback, claimed responsibility in a Twitter message for causing the outages at MasterCard, which pulled the plug on its relationship with WikiLeaks on Tuesday. An online poster put out by the campaign makes its goals explicit.

    via FoxNews.com – Hackers Target WikiLeaks ‘Enemies’: Mastercard, Twitter, Paypal, Even FoxNews.com.

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    Netflix Partner Says Comcast Fee ‘Threatens’ Open Internet – NYTimes.com 

    Level 3 Communications, an Internet networking company that recently signed a deal to deliver movies to Netflix customers, said Monday that Comcast has effectively set up a tollbooth around its broadband Internet network.

    Comcast demanded a “recurring fee” from Level 3 “to transmit Internet online movies and other content to Comcast’s customers who request such content,” Thomas Stortz, the chief legal officer for Level 3, said in a statement Monday afternoon, seemingly alluding to the Netflix service. The action “threatens the open Internet,” Mr. Stortz added.

    via Netflix Partner Says Comcast Fee ‘Threatens’ Open Internet – NYTimes.com.

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    #Facebook good for friendships? 

    Facebook may actually help build relationships rather than hurt them, U.S. researchers have found.

    A new study casts a positive light on the popular networking site, unlike other research that says Facebook damages social ties and causes addictive



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    Mobilicity promises to shake up phone business 

    VANCOUVER — Wireless upstart Mobilicity arrived Wednesday in Vancouver with plans to win the west using unlimited data plans and promises of simpler phone bills.

    “It’s time to say ‘No’ to contracts, credit checks and bill surprise,” said John Bitove, chairman of the Toronto-based firm, formerly DAVE Wireless.

    via Mobilicity promises to shake up phone business.

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